In the Latest newsletter from Amiga dedicated people. They announce a strong partnership with Amigakit. A Amiga retailer that is known for any A-Lovers to A-Users in the world. is the makers of the new Amiga casings for classic Amiga. Let’s hope that this partnership will be positive. Amigakit CEO is already pretty interesting. He is both CEO of Amigakit and A-EON. But Trevor Dickinson saved Amigaworld once again last year.

Newsletter that is Dedicated to the Partners of

This newsletter is the first one of a new series dedicated that is sent to their partners. The first one is Amigakit, which is located in United Kingdom, Europe.

AmigaKit has been distributing Amiga parts since its establishment in 2004 and still continues the effort.
They also manufactured and still producing a large range of hardware devices for the Amiga.

So the team wanted to share with you links of some of these devices AmigaKit is distributing.

We congratulate them. But we really hope that becomes a partner with other Amiga stores around the globe like  Amedia Computer France which is located in France, Europe, AmigaStore in Spain, Europe or even Amiga On The Lake that you find in United States of America.

New Amiga 1200 motherboard casings can be bought at Amigakit

Including a new Amiga 1200 motherboard casing. Amigakit is also a interesting VGA adapter to connect a SVGA*/Multiscan monitor to the Amiga RGB port. Commodore made these ones before. What I don’t get is Why have promoted for other products than theirs in this newsletter? If this is for helping Amigakit. Then it is nice, but if Amigakit have paid the team to do this. Its really unfair for the other retailers… Or do they get the same deals too?

This adapter does require the use of ScanDoubler if your VGA display does not sync at 15KHz as the Commodore one too. We recommend BENQ monitors. They work with such adapter for the most. Yeps! Even the cheapest ones supports it. I was stunned.

Anyway! We wish these new Amiga Lovers to have a fair and good competitor sense when gets more partners under their skin. 


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This text is written entire by Michal Bergseth and what he thinks about the newsletter, about the Amiga future and the fact that the will to have open competition is important to comment. You don’t need to agree. But this is based on drama that Amitopia wrote about last year here. It is great to see and Amigakit providing great information. But because of the way this newsletter was presented. Michal wrote a comment regarding it based on earlier knowledge about Amigakit’s actions in Amigaworld.


Source: Newsletter