Yet Another Amiga Game is out for free. This time, it is a rather unusual platformers we’ve come across. It is that mini game that Google Chrome got if you start your browser and cant get on-line. Saberman converted that game to Amiga! Thank you!

Video showing Dino Run on Commodore Amiga

Dino Run Requires patiences and timing

You could say that this is a Dinosour version of Flappy Bird, which you also have a version made for the Amiga that Amitopia wrote about here. Dino Run requires skill of patience and timing for giving you the ultimate of high score.

Titled as ‘ Dino Run ‘, this game developed by Saberman on YouTube or Havie on English Amiga Board. This is a fresh Amiga conversion where you are able to move a dinosaur. Then you need to jump over every cactus and duck under every bird to beat your previous high score. Almost like Flappy Bird which is just flying. The whole game just move. So you need to be precise.

A great Amiga Game conversion that was Developed in Blitz Basic on Amiga

According to the creator, this game is an Amiga version of the Google Chrome Dinosaur Run game available as an LHA file or ADF, which works on an Amiga 1200 030 and may also work fine on an A500 upwards. The game was also developed using Blitz Basic, but was still an experiment in using sprites, such as the Dinosaur and Bird. – indieretronews

Havie himself explains that Dino Run is a game that was an experiment in using sprites (never used them before) for the developer, so the Dinosaur that you move is a sprite (or two when ducking) and the bird is a sprite.

Then he wanted to make the clouds sprites too, but struggled with colors! No double buffering and simple software scroll to make the ground and cacti move. The game moves really nice as seen on the video above.

Special Bonus for those making it to a certain High Score in Dino Run

The game also Saves high score to disk. If you can get far enough (or are bothered enough), then Dino Run have a bit of a surprise later in the game. It does end but nothing terribly exciting happens (yet) he writes in the forum. We hope that it wont unleash the deadly PC virus that wipes all Windows machines in the world.

Well. We hope not 😉 That would terrible!

*Get the LHA version of the game by Downloading it Here for AmigaOS*

There is also a .adf version of the game!

If you don’t have Amiga to play it on. You need to open Google Chrome browser, if you like to play it in the chrome browser and type this in the URL area:


Happy Playing on Amiga.. and thanks to this developer. It’s so nice seeing new games arriving. Also thanks to IndieRetroNews site which got even more interesting info about this release.

Amiga Bill! Now you know what to play Soon ! 🙂

Source: Indie Retro News, YouTube