NetSurf brings CSS to AmigaOS 3.x

NetSurf CSS is a capable web browser for AmigaOS 3.x, that is ported by Artur Jarosik. NetSurf is originaly from Acorn’s RiscOS operating system that is now totally open source. The browser is currently the only CSS capable web browser for AmigaOS 3.x.

Not AmigaOS 4 code Related
This NetSurf version is based on SDL framebuffer frontend, but also adds more functions to the GUI. The 68k code is not related to NetSurf for OS4 and is not representative of
the user interface of NetSurf on any other platform.

Video of NetSurf in usage

You will need some RAM to get the browsing working more smooth. Most of the CSS sites now requires lots of MEM. Especially social media that can eat upto 600MB of RAM. NetSurf is however a very nice addon for those who loves to use AmigaOS daily. It is really nice to see AmigaOS platform beeing in fully development still in 2016 and a new browser is something that the platform needed badly before. Maybe NetSurf can really become the AmigaOS 3.x CSS browser!? Now it’s the chance for the browser to become that for sure!

NetSurf 3.6 Download


  • AmigaOS 3.x
  • Picasso / CGX compatible graphic card or AGA.
  • 32 MB Ram (64MB for complex sites).
  • 68020+ CPU, for usable speed fast 68060 is required.
  • MUI 3.8+ for Preferences and url bar
  • Copy contents of env folder to envarc: for wallget profile
  • Minimum 100000 stack size
  • Assign SSLROOT: SYS:


  • FFplay in C for video playback
  • Amplifier or other capable of audio streaming program
  • Hipoplayer, Eagleplayer, DeliTracket2
  • OpenURL for mailto:
  • Online-convert API key for auto mpeg 1


  • Web standards: HTML 4.01 and CSS 2.1
  • HTTPS for secure online transactions
  • Local history trees
  • Hotlist manager (bookmarks)
  • Themes
  • Favourite buttons
  • Unicode text
  • Video/audio streaming & youtube playback
  • Save pages complete with images
  • Quick search bar
  • Web page thumbnailing
  • Fast, lightweight layout and rendering engine
  • Three download managers (wallget, wget, httpresume)
  • MUI Preferences

Any feedback is appreciated by the author of this version of NetSurf for AmigaOS 3.x by Ami-Soft!

NetSurf 68k Sources

Original Sources

There is official m68k toolchain available for building NetSurf on Linux

NetSurf 68k Homepage
You can get older versions on Ami-Soft website if the latest version isn’t working or get latest for testing!

NetSurf 3.6 Download


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