Artur Jarosik has just released an update of his Amiga port of the web browser NetSurf. His port is based on SDL, where only preferences are MUI-based. This version should not be confused with Chris Young’s Reaction-based port as this version. This NetSurf version by Artur is really getting boost with the latest 3.7 release. Here, Artur brings YouTube clips watching to AmigaOS for 68k that is in 3gp format. FFplay is used to play them in a seperate window, which is pretty awesome.

You need at least RTG, a fast 68060++ or better for getting the best results

To be able to use NetSurf 3.7 fully at its best, we do recommend a Vampirized Amiga. However, a 68060 equipped Amiga is nice too. However, the version that Artur is making, can also work on AGA equipped Amigas. If this developer speeds up things, NetSurf will for sure become the new standard web browser for Amiga 68k.

Changes in NetSurf 3.7 Release

  • Added YouTube streaming of 3gp files. Needs FFplay to run
  • Improved memory handling
  • Faster jpeg loading by 40%
  • Updated to newest sources

FFplay is a video player which is not included in the archive. However, this is a player for Amiga that comes together with FFmpeg release that is found on Aminet. It play/show any multimedia file type like: avi/mov/3gp/asf/wmv/mkv/rmv/mp3/ogg/wma/jpg/jp2/png etc. It must be placed in C: on your Workbench partition and CLI / Shell for Amiga needs to support long names.

Improved AmigaOS compatibility in release of NetSurf 3.7

This new version got improved redrawing, menus, notifications, AmigaOS 3.x compatibility, behaviour of exiting the app and also managed to reduce frequency of diskfont opening and closing. It’s really awesome to see its improving,.. So the IBrowse developers should change their development gear or this will become the Amiga 68k browser very soon. It also supports CSS quite nicely, works on Atari, Haiku and other systems with less power. So, NetSurf is for sure becoming a great alternative for low-end-speed hardware systems overal.

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Read more about NetSurf 3.7 for AmigaOS and Download it from Here


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