Amiga shooters are awesome! There are many to choose, but not everyone have the epic quality. So, it is nice to see that Ms Mad Lemon which makes many awesome Amiga YouTube clips playing Agony. This game is made by Psygnosis and it’s been played by her at her Nostalgia time subscriber request.

Agony is an awesome shooter by Psygnosis for OCS Amigas

Agony by Psygnosis is a classic, which she have never played. There are so many shooters out for Amiga or even games, that you will always find someone talking about a Amiga shooter as if it is very known. Agony is such game. It’s been in every Amiga magazine in the past, but I didn’t try it out before 2-3 years ago. But don’t expect it to be hard

Agony plays nicely thru WHDload on Amiga 1200

HernĂ¡n Beroldo (Hache) requested this game for the Nostalgia time at her YouTube channel. She plays Agony on her Amiga 1200 with WHDLoad installed. So, if you want to start gaming on your Amiga 1200, it is recommended to get WHDLoad software package which is Freeware. It let’s you run almost every Amiga game directly from HD without the need of swapping floppy nightmare! Well.. some loves the floppy sound… ! I respect your love.

Another great reason for getting an Amiga 1200, is that it got AGA. This is the most advanced graphics chip set that Amiga machines got by Commodore back in the days. It is backwards compatible with OCS and ECS Amiga chip sets. Also, WHDLoad manages to run software on AGA Amiga that would be difficult in many cases from OCS and ECS Amigas.

If you choose to go for Amiga 500 or Amiga 600. As standard you can’t play AGA games. You can play ECS and OCS games on Amiga 600 but AGA is too advanced. More colors and resolutions is added etc. However, now as Vampire FPGA is becoming the new standard for classic Amiga. These cards will soon deliver AGA compatibility to all Amigas with Vampire FPGA installed. Until then, we recommend to get an Amiga 1200 for the ultimate Amiga gaming experience.

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