If you love platform games in real retro style and feeling. Then you should get Max Knight for you beloved Amiga. This game works on any Amiga with a cpu with more than 14MHz, 2MB of Chip RAM and Kickstart 2.x. You can download it for free from Aminet. There is both a HD and a floppy version of the game.


Watch the really nice Max Knight trailer here

That is the official trailer for the new game on the Amiga “Max Knight”. The trailer is really professionally done. The game looks like fun, and I will certainly do a Amitopia TV showcase of the game also soon.

Amiga Floppy and ADF Version
Amiga HD Version

Upgrade’s in Max Knight
Improved jump and extra live etc…

Max Knight Requirements
Amiga OCS 14mhz, 2mb chip, kickstart 2.05

Sharing credits for a very nice Amiga game!
Graphics and level design: Rogal
Music: Dakti
Game made in Backbone
English translation: Mandi


Max Knight Longplay

Max Knight is made by PIXEL NATION in 2016, with a new release now on Aminet!


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