You can read our interview with Gilbert Tan from Philippines. Now he sent us an announcement of a new game Cavemoon, which is under development both for AmigaOS and AROS etc.

Cavemoon is a game where you pilot a lunar module on its way to the moon for your team of 4 to establish an underground mining/exploration base. However, it’s not safe crossing in space, you need to dodge rocks, debris, asteroids and broken satellites. If your module gets out of the screen you will be off course and be lost in space. Good luck and God Speed!

This is a reimaged personal game I made almost 2 years ago of the same title. The early versions were from my old Amiga (AmosPro) and another from AROS. A few months later I used Game Salad as the game engine, however, due to the nature of the engine my subscription requires me to purchase it, thus I am unable publish it properly thus that version scrapped. Luckily, Unity came to the rescue and I thought of reviving/re-image the game to that version. Thus Unity version is complete.

I also plan making or remaking the game based on this current engine (Unity) and backport it to either Amiga 68k and Aros.

The original version from AROS was titled eCavemoon, was done in PortablE(AmigaE). I plan to recreate the Amiga and AROS version,but I decided to make the Amiga version first using AMOSPro for now. Since That will take some time I am releasing the first versions of both OSes at the moment which includes the source codes.

Currently I am converting all pictures and sprites from the Unity version to match AMOSPro so I can begin coding. I will release the Unity version for PC, WebGL, Android and MacOSX version. There are more updates to come like video demo of the game.
At the moment, I can only get the 68K compiled version of eCavemoon to demo, since there was an issue with my VM of IcarosDesktop, where it was originally done. As soon it’s up and running, I will also add the video here or on my youtube channel.

I hope you like the game, it is free and your donation will keep me going.

Gilbert Tan