First Impressions of Odyssey for Amiga

Back in 1995 when Commodore was no more and thousands of Amiga users changed to the PC platform. There was still some geniuses developing great software and games for Amiga. One of the companies was Audiogenic ASL (publisher) and Unconscious Minds (developer). They managed to release Odyssey for Amiga!

An amazing Platformer with Puzzles and Graphics

In this game, you play as a hero of this game. Our hero got family conflicts. His uncle murdered his father who also happened to be the king. Now, after a few years in exile, the obvious goal is to take back the throne by killing this evil man. However, the only way to become strong enough for this challenge is by claiming the power of crystals which are divided all over the kingdom. You are the hero that is supposed to change chaos to order in this mind-bowling adventure-platformer for any Amiga machine.

Odyssey works on any OCS, ECS or AGA machine. It is a platformer with lots of action and interesting puzzle-solving elements. There are seven big, multi-directional scrolling levels which need to be conquered by finding all hidden crystals. You choose them on a map with a beautifully animated hand.

All of the levels are available from the start but as they are connected. You need to collect keys so you can continue. The first three are available right from the start and the others gradually open up as more crystals are found. A lot of time in Odyssey is spent with jumping over gaps, fighting the uncle’s soldier with the sword, but there are also many puzzles to solve to be able to progress in the game.

Much of the game is about fighting and finding an object and bringing it to the right spot tasks.

First Impressions of Odyssey for Amiga

In Odyssey, our Hero can Transform himself

Our hero is not just a sword type of character. Since this is an adventure type of game, he got the ability so that he can transform into animals. He can transfer himself to a lion or a bird. These morph transitions are really great. Each animal that he can change into has its own set of abilities which are needed to solve the obstacles the game throws at the player.

The gameplay is really good! Also, the graphics and animations are at a high level for my gaming experience. I feel that they are a bit mix between Turrican and Shadow Of The Beast graphics. This makes the game for Amiga that so much more underrated than it deserves to be. Odyssey came at a time when millions of Amiga users fled to the PC world as they believed in the words from Microsoft. It took people over 7 years to start coming back. This game show what Amiga’s were capable of. The only two drawbacks in this game that comes to my mind are the fact that this game is from an era when games were more difficult. But if you practice enough then you will play Odyssey without issues. Also, I miss some sort of music track. The sound effects in the game are great which fills in the atmosphere in the game pretty well. But I wish there was something more,… !

Odyssey is a platformer that requires a regular Amiga with 1MB of Ram or more to run. It doesn’t use the newer AGA chipset but runs on these Amigas too. All in all, Playing it thru now in 2019 brought me back to the naïve golden age of 2D platforming. It also shows how games should be made!

Review of Odyssey
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Playability
  • Atmosphere
  • Lastability


A great platformer that keeps you entertained and even amazed yet again now in 2019 as back in 1995!


Great graphics, animations, and sound. Great atmosphere in the game.


Maybe a bit difficult for today’s gamers. The difficulty level was higher before.

Source: Amitopia Own Experience