webkit morphos web browser

MorphOS is going to new heights as the only commercially available operating system for PowerPC Mac’s and PowerPC Nextgen Amiga computers such as Pegasos, Efika, X5000, and SAM460. I would strongly advise everyone reading this to start using your MorphOS-capable machines so Wayfarer and MorphOS can get all the input to become a fantastic browser.

After a nice summer, the autumn brings with it more activity. With the pandemic still going on, it is nice to bring to you news such as this one! Wayfarer 2.4 for MorphOS is a huge step forward!

Wayfarer 2.4 Features for MorphOS

  • Implemented Download As…
  • WebAudio support for sample playback (while Google Translate text to speech works just fine, most online MOD players will be too slow)
  • Implemented a Media flags popup
  • Improved SSL certificate verification to avoid cases where a website wouldn’t load due to cert not matching the hostname, but cert viewer window would assume the cert is fine and would not present buttons allowing to ignore/save the cert
  • Worked around an issue that prevented further popups from showing up if the main window was resized while a popup was up
  • Reload button state wasn’t properly refreshed when switching between tabs
  • Fixed a crash and status bar issues when browsing page history for cached pages
  • Certificate viewer may now be localized

Not only is this is a fixing bugs update. It is nice to see so many things added to one of the most modern web browsers ever made in the world of Amiga by far.

Compared to IBrowse which doesn’t have CSS and costs money, Wayfarer is all free to download and use for now.

Text to Speech on MorphOS with Wayfarer

Google Translate text to speech now works just fine. You should have a PowerPC G4 at 1.5GHz or higher to be able to use all of its features, but I never had issues on my iBook G4 1.33GHz neither. So, this is for you to test.

SSL is something that is hard to follow as the standards change rapidly, but Jacek Piszczek and AndrĂ© Siegel are amazing by doing something about it for MorphOS users. You can actually do your work on MorphOS now more and more. A dream come true! I use MorphOS for uploading images and creating articles such as this one with WordPress without issues. That’s a healing feeling for anyone loving to work in the AmigaOS environment.