A short video showing how fast Quake is working on Warp 1260 for now. The beta testing of the card is important so that the final card will be perfect. For now the memory is not fully used by AmigaOS. This will change. But as a first FPS test. I am quite happy.

It is awesome to achieve the same FPS score as on my BlizzardPPC 060 card on the PowerPC side when 68060 runs at 100MHz. 68060 50MHz with RTG is shown to achieve 24.6FPS. So, Warp 1260 is not a ready product yet. But when it is,… it will rock.

68060 50MHz VS 68060 100MHz

This is Multimedia content from the Distrita family showing Quake FPS difference between 68060 50MHz and 68060 100MHz on Warp 1260 for now. This is my first FPS Quake video on Amiga since lots of people wanted me to check it out. Once the card is updated, the speed will increase.

Quake on Amiga? Yes, it’s possible!

I will continue making progress videos like this. You might think its wrong to show Quake on Amiga? But Amiga is a computer like any PC or Mac. Just that on Amiga the community has fun optimizing the hardware it got since its birth. Because the community wants to do so. So now, its even clearer. Amiga can play Quake!

It is great to finally be able to play Quake on 68k at such framerates.