I simply have no words after trying Quake on my Amiga 1200 with a 68060 warped up to 100MHz (as seen in the video above). Just to be safe and make my PSU survive. But wow. This is pretty cool I must say. The RTG part helps the Quake speed too + the fast 68060 running together.

Quake is finally playable on 68060 Amiga

I am speechless right now because Quake was one of the games I played a lot and still plays from time to time on my MorphOS and PC machines. I haven’t measured the FPS but this is playable. Way more playable than playing Quake on any 68k CPU before.

It seems like the steps between 50MHz and 100MHz are a lot. I will provide FPS details later when the beta testing is done. I don’t think it should be revealed before everything works 100%.

I tested playing Quake with a Tank mouse. It worked, but I think another mouse is better for playing it. However, it was fun and I must say it is fully playable as I mention in the video. It is fun to play Quake on my Amiga 1200. A special feeling, since Quake from ClickBoom never managed to run at any okay framerate when it was released. And now in 2020, this is finally possible on a 68060 accelerator with RTG! Incredible!… I live in another dimension and it is a good feeling. A really good one.

68060 is a remarkable Motorola CPU!

I’ve also tested the TBL Rift demo on my Amiga 1200 also with no slowdowns at all. So, 100MHz is for sure a nice speed for any Amiga machine.

Warp 1260 testing has begun and I will reveal things about it day by day. I will also continue to send in my bug reports and soon I hope that all will have a card that works nicely. Because the wait for this card is worth it, I think.