This is obviously fake! Tons of Amiga users have been told multiple times that the Amiga couldn’t even run it (despite obvious evidence to the contrary) or would require an enormously upgraded Amiga to compete to a PC (again obvious evidence to the contrary). Yes, this is sarcasm…

Amiga AGA knocks out the 386 at the same speed!

It is a touch of sarcasm to all PC users in the introduction here because lots of PC users want to be right in the Amiga vs PC discussions. They often claim that a PC is so much better at 3D FPS gaming than the Classic Amiga. Well, in this video that I found on YouTube there’s final proof that many PC users have been wrong! Amiga can play Doom!

Both of the machines run the very same Doom version. Just take a look below.

Window size decreased on both Machines

The window size is decreased to the same level and you can see how well the Amiga is doing. None of the Amiga users could play Doom until the game sources were released, but once they got out the Amiga computers could play Doom. Either Amiga AGA computers or Amigas with RTG card installed.

This is a “side by side” video of Doom running on the YouTubers accelerated Amiga 1200 using 68030 50MHz and his AMD 386 DX 40 MHZ with a Tseng Labs ET4000 ISA RTG card. As you can see. Doom on the Amiga 1200 is running as good as on the 386 setup or even a little bit smoother on the Amiga side in this test. That is pretty awesome to see because an Amiga 1200 with a 68030 accelerator did cost half of the price of a PC with the same kind of power back in the day.

Not totally Smooth but Playable on 68030

The fact that is also proven in this video is that DOOM isn’t totally smooth on a 68030 50MHz, but it isn’t better on a gaming configuration of the time on a PC from the same era. This just demolishes every PC user saying that Amigas can’t do 3D FPS gaming. Doom on the Amiga actually runs better than many of the 3D FPS games that were made exclusively for the Amiga such as Alien Breed 3D and Breathless. Yes, you can decrease the size of the window while playing but you also have to change the pixel size. Doom on the other hand is running really well on a 68030 Amiga AGA setup.

I am really impressed to see this. I have always wanted to do this but never got the time (bad excuse,..!). So, what are you waiting for? Doom on the Amiga plays as on any PC from the same time. With a 68040 or 68060, you even get better results and can play on full screen up to 38-40FPS.

So, now this discussion might end then? I hope so.

Download Doom Amiga Zone

All of these executable Doom packages need the original WAD files. You can either get the Shareware version or use the Commercial version. I’ve also added Boom here since it’s quite new. Boom is a source port created by TeamTNT. The design goals of the Boom project were to create a source port of professional quality, fix bugs and remove limitations of vanilla Doom, and add extra editing features while keeping the same “feel” and “spirit” of the original Doom engine.

Chocolate Doom is also available for Amiga users. This is a conservative, historically accurate Doom source port, which is compatible with the thousands of mods and levels that were made before the Doom source code was released.

Here are some links that I think can help you go in any direction you want regarding Doom for Amiga. Also, do not forget the Dread project. Doom for 1MB 68000 Amigas.

Classic Amiga

Nextgen Amiga