Amiga home computers with 68000 range of CPU’s got a new update of DizzyTorrent. With this torrent app for AmigaOS, you can download legal and non-legal stuff from the net. Use torrent correctly as with anything on-line. To download non-legal stuff is illegal and you might break your own country laws regarding it. However, torrent can be used to download legal content like ApolloOS which works with 68080 FPGA Vampire accelerator cards for the classic Amiga home computers.

Latest version is Dizzy Torrent  1.01 is a hotfix

1.01 (hotfix) (February 4 2018) – Available on Aminet

  • 1.0 added a bug that when when launched from CLI, DizzyTorrent could
    unlock the current directory, this can cause the shell to freeze or
    act abnormally after DizzyTorrent terminates. fixed
  • When launched from Icon, DizzyTorrent would leak a lock on the starting
    directory. This would prevent you from deleting that directory without
    rebooting. fixed.

Before this release. The very first official release came out on 3rd of February 2018

  • DizzyTorrent now has a tool icon.
  • All configuration settings can be set as Tooltypes.
  • Select a torrent and double click tool to launch DizzyTorrent directly
    from workbench and start torrenting.
  • Uncommon crash on exiting DizzyTorrent introduced in 1.0b7-fixed.
  • “About” window with copyright info.
  • AppIcon uses DizzyTorrent logo.
  • Improved protothread control to make GUI more responsive to user.
  • GUI fixed to work with non-proportional fonts.
  • Some optimizations.
  • font configuration can now be set to “default” to use default screen font.
  • font sizes can be set to -1 to use default screen font size.
  • “Add Peer” window now opens centered on screen.
  • GUI scroller gadget now reacts continuously in realtime.
  • Improved layout of files info page.
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The software has been tested and appears to work well on

  • * Amiga 1000 using an Individual ACA500plus and Blizzard 1230 MK IV with 128
    Mb of ram, under OS 3.1 with AmiTCP 2.98b2, and Roadshow and a PlipBox
    using firmware version 0.6. SFS on a 28 GB partition, FFS on a 4 GB
    partition, and FAT32 on a 16GB partition.
  • * Amiga 1200 with Microbotics M1230 XA, with 128MB ram, OS 3.1 with Cloanto
    3.x roms, PCMCIA wifi adaptor, as well as Plipbox 0.6. FAT32 32 GB
    partition. SFS 4 GB partition. AmiTCP 4.1 Pro (aka EasyNet).
  • * AmigaForever 2016, on the included AmigaSYS machine with with and without
    using JIT emulation. FFS 2 GB. and passthrough to host OS filesystem
    (Windows 10 NTFS).
  • * I’ve recieved a report that DizzyTorrent works on a Vampire under FFS but
    possibly corrupted a FAT32 partition on Vampire. Used with MiamiDX, and

Works nicely on MorphOS 3.9 and on AmigaOS 4, which got nice Amiga 68k support. Use this torrent app and any other torrent app in the way that it doesn’t break any laws. Be wise.

Get Dizzy Torrent 1.01 from Aminet here