For just $199.95, you could digitize images with Digi-View in 1986. This tool and software brought the world into your Amiga way before any PC or Mac could show the very same results for sure.

The fantastic crew at The Guru Meditation team, with Amiga Bill and Anthony explains the usage of this in a way that everyone will be able to learn something out of it. So! Either you are familiar with this hardware and software, or you’ve just heard of it. It is a nice retro diving back to 1986 technology!

Digi-View Commodore Amiga 4096 Color Digitizer Demonstration

Personally I didn’t knew how this hardware and software was used. But with the guys at The Guru Meditation demonstrating it I have for sure learned how this equippment and software worked. How it flipped and turned black/white videocamera image into still coloured images is really amazing thinking that this was out of sudden available in 1986!

Amiga 500 is used for demonstrating Digi-View Digitizer

Kickstart 1.x and Amiga 500 is used for demonstrating what Amiga could do back in the days. Amiga 500 came out in 1987, but regarding Digi-View on Amiga Resource it was released by NewTek (USA) in 1986 for the Amiga 1000 parallel port. Later different versions came out and it is this one that the team reveals to you.

Digi-View was a video framegrabber released very early for the Amiga home computer, so The Guru Meditation also demonstrated framegrabbing from a Laserdisc player. But how, now that is something you should watch to know.

The Guru Meditation is a production by Amiga Bill and Anthony. However they are part of a Amiga User Group (Westchester Amiga User Group) that have been active in the New York area of USA for quite some time. They have often meetings and got massive collection and knowledge about the Amiga. Amitopia love everything they do and supports them as much as is possible.

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