Last weekend in Sacramento, United States of America AmiWest 2017 was held. Not much info have come from this even. However, on it’s possible to get a glimps of what got reported and AmigaOne X5000 info is just one of them. Trevor Dickinson from A-EON and Steven Solie from Hyperion did the very first presentation where they mentioned at AmigaOne X5000 is selling well, even with AmigaOS 4 not supporting everything.

SATA driver for the AmigaOne X5000 works for example, but its not optimized regarding the info that Steven Solie gave at the event. An Ethernet for internet connection is also missing. Solie couldn’t say if updates for AmigaOS 4 will be distributed on complete ISO files or as seperate downloads. The fixes for AmigaOS 4 is expected to come in months and not years he said. Trevor Dickinson also pointed out that AmigaOne X5000 is running MorphOS 3.10 and that this was presented at the show.

A1222 Tabor Running AmigaOS 4 at AmiWest

Including a nice AmigaOne X5000 update. The visitors could also see AmigaOS 4 running for the first time on a A1222 Tabor motherboard. This is the totally new motherboard from A-EON that will be cheaper. The price will be around 400 Euros, but Trevor didn’t know if the price will be with or without AmigaOS 4 license.

The A1222 Tabor motherboard which was going to be released at this time seems to be not finished at all. Audio and Ethernet drivers is still missing. The same goes for FPU emulation, because the A1222 Tabor motherboard is using a PowerPC cpu without FPU??? AmigaOS 3.x runs fine with or without FPU. So, this case shouldn’t be even mentioned at all I think. However, Trevor Dickinson mentioned this at AmiWest:

A-EON will offer special builds of its software compiled to achieve maximum speed with Tabor’s incompatible FPU. Hyperion will offer an SDK update that will enable external developers to release Tabor builds of their programs aswell. –

New Enhancer for AmigaOS 4 in the works

At AmiWest, Trevor Dickinson and Steven Sollie mentioned about a new release of the Enhancer bundle package. It will include a new version of the RadeonHD drivers, that will for the first time support the entire RAM on ATI Radeon graphics cards. For now, AmigaOS 4 can only access two Gigabyte. But this will change in the next Enhancer release.

The roadmap for AmigaOS 4 seem to get the wind of change

Asked about a roadmap for Amiga 4 and the lack of updates, Solie points out that this was a new policy introduced by (then) new management – we assume he’s referring to Costel Mincea, who joined Hyperion in 2015 as the third director. Solie thinks there “might another change be coming in that policy”, he’s feeling the “winds of change”. According to him, the short-term roadmap is obvious: finish OS4 for Tabor, optimize the X5000 build. –

Let’s just hope for a better future for AmigaOS 4. The development speed is slow as a turtle. But the same thing can be said about MorphOS 3.10! It will be interesting to see how this release will be compared to AmigaOS 4 updates that needs to come out faster.

AmiWest was held from 19th to 20th of October this year. Before, this event have really got much attention. But for some reason, very little information have came out I feel.


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