Do you know what I like about the demoscene? It is the ongoing credits and love for other demoscene groups in each demo production. In this way, the demoscene interest never dies. They put the names of demogroups that mean something to the history of demo releases.

So, why cant the Amiga community do the same? I think of the demoscene doing it. Then the Amiga community should follow that. Because there are so many people out there that seem to be ignored by the bigger Amiga magazines including mine. What if all of the Amiga-interested magazines including Amitopia could give a huge thanks to the Amiga community in a demoscene style?

Because I have to admit it. That without the key persons in our beloved Amiga community. The Amiga wouldn’t be the same today. They are the reason why I can keep on providing Amiga News service to you.

The Positive Amiga Circle?

What do I mean by the positive Amiga circle? It is a sentence that’s been on my mind for a very long time. I see so much good in our Amiga community and to lift it up is what the Amiga media should be better at. Because I feel that too many are searching for becoming millionaires in the community.

There is this urge for many in media and many in the Amiga community to try to earn. Its nothing wrong with that, but because our Amiga community is so small. The best thing would be to see much more love for each other. Stop threat other AMIGANS AS ENEMIES JUST BECAUSE YOU DONT LIKE THE PERSON WAY OF BEING. We should cherish the people doing amazing things for the community even though there are differences in interests.

Protect the Amiga community Builders

There are so many comments from various sides of the Amiga community about what’s best to have of Vampire, Buffee, Warp, or PiStorm. Stop it and cherries the activity instead.

To write this Amiga Comment note, I admit to having become a bit inspired by Steven from Terriblefire mentioning in Amiga Bills interview where he mentioned all of the Amiga upgrade options even though he got his opinions about Vampire. There are ways that these new Amiga projects are taking. Instead of doing personal attacks on those doing them. I encourage that even more people in the community to start to mention other projects just because that’s the right thing to do. Even if you dislike the other project’s way of choice. Because every project for the Amiga is good for its reputation no matter what it is.

Amiga Bill mentioned in his last stream that, … without the Vampire there wouldn’t be so much love for Amiga 600 as it is today. Buffee is a new 68000 CPU socket replacement CPU+MEM accelerator that will bring tons of joy to 68000 CPU Amiga socket owners and PiStorm nails the market for those loving open source doing Amigas faster.

Where is the Amiga community love from Cloanto and Hyperion?

The tensions between Classic and Nextgen which include Hyperion and Cloanto are only damaging. It is as if the owners aren’t in pair with the Amiga community at all. It is all about money and not the uniqueness of Amiga’s creativity that is on their mind. It’s as if the Amiga community does not exist for them at all. . There are comments regarding programs and game developers. There are also comments made by me about GenerationAmiga that I am not proud of. But the fact is that all of this negativity is hurting and this community doesn’t deserve this. Because I know that I can do it better.

My Positive Amiga Circle is my attempt in doing what I can to make up for the negativity given. I want the Amitopia Amiga Magazine to be a positive Amiga circle builder magazine. A place to read about what’s going on in the Amiga community where every byte or doing matters. This is also why I stopped posting the Hyperion vs Cloanto wars. It is not going to bring Amiga any new creativity by keeping on posting the fighting for the rights.

For me, it is very clear that it is the Amiga community that is building bridges and I want to help to do that with Amitopia Amiga Magazine. I also wish that Cloanto and Hyperion stopped to fight. Just put those exploding grandmas apart. Please! AmigaOS 3.2 is a great step forward, but is it enough to gain the trust of the rest of the Amiga community? The Amiga ownership should be given to a company caring the most about everyone in the Amiga community. Not about income.

So, with these last words. I am calling all forces. That we can all bring the people doing great things for the Amiga up today higher. Not just those that want to earn money. Because as in the demoscene. The Amiga community is made up of community builders from every angle. I once again thank the Amiga community,… It is because of you that Amitopia Amiga magazine can keep on doing its news information service.

Peace out and keep the Good Health!

Best Regards,
michal Bergseth