Classic Amiga AmigaOS 3.2

While the legal battle still goes on. Hyperion is bold and releases AmigaOS 3.2! Its a fantastic release that any income to Hyperion should go to the remarkable developers that did create AmigaOS 3.2, including the retailers selling it.

It is great to see Amiga Bill doing this video. It explains majority of the new features that can be found in it. Great explanations too on where to activate various GUI settings too.

Great to see that the Classic Amiga News is reaching other media too like! This platform is a Survivor. Thanks to all that have been using their freetime to make this a reality. Great news that deserves lots of attention. I hope that Cloanto and Hyperion soon can become a part of the Amiga community. Because now they battle for something that the community is moving forward. It’s quite silly actually.

Now it’s time to bring Amiga interests together and bring the platform up.