She is an icon in the Amiga world. MsMadLemon is a fantastic and inspiring woman using Amiga. Her inspiration is the love that the Amiga needs as this platform lacks female Amiga users. So, if your a girl, lady, or a woman interested in IT. I really suggest you take a look into the world of Amiga where creation is our passion. It is this passion that I want to spread and MsMadLemon is one of few females that is spreading her Amiga knowledge so that you can get inspired.

You can get to know MsMadLemon in this video about her and the background she got with the Amiga computer in the video below.

This is a midweek video on my history with the Amiga, the last of the Amiga Pi Project Series. Also lighthearted gameplay at the end on one of my all-time favourite Amiga games.

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My Amiga Pi Project Series by MsMadLemon

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