The Amiga Years

Amiga as a computer seems to be big in Germany. And because of this popularity, A-EON also manages to earn and produce new PowerPC based Amigas. Without the support of German Amiga users, there wouldn’t be much Amiga future and we can sort of thank Petro, which was the CEOContinue Reading

Vampire Amiga users Rick Dangerous

Rick Dangerous is one of the games that lot’s of people loved on the Amiga and many of the 8-bit computers. However! Until now,.. Amiga users which would like play the old version would need a classic Amiga or WHDLoad version for your AGA Amiga. However, flype44 on YouTube releasedContinue Reading

New games came out for Amiga in 2016

This is a guide article for those of you that wants to get to know what is needed to play games on Amiga. Here I take you on a journey from A to Z, explaining what you need to do, what you can expect and what you need to beContinue Reading