The most up-to-date browser for MorphOS is Wayfarer and it is then fun to share that Wayfarer 2.9 is here. This website browser for MorphOS makes it the most modern browser for Nextgen Amigas.

Some valid Wayfarer 2.9 Features To Highlight

  • Implemented Proxy settings
  • Added right mouse button override settings that make it possible to open the default context menu on websites that try to block it
  • Fixed several edge cases where Wayfarer’s URL bar wouldn’t correctly show the page’s URL
  • Added code to handle “ContentDisposition: attachment” to trigger downloading instead of displaying the target URL
  • Fixed ‘Reload’ to work after a failed page load
  • Downloaded filename had 1st letter truncated in some cases due to a bug in header parsing
  • Enabled USE_NEW_THEME in WebKit to change how some controls are drawn
  • Default CSS tweaks to prevent invisible checkboxes/radio buttons

I am amazed seeing the work of Jacek Piszczek and André Siegel becoming more and more mature.

Requirements for Wayfarer

CPUPowerPC G4 1GHz *
*Works on a slower CPU, but the fun will be limited!

Wayfarer is written by Jacek Piszczek. Additional code by Harry Sintonen, including but not limited to updating our compiler suites, libnix, pthreads,
and Netstack which made the port possible.