Back in 2016, the era of new Amiga games started to arrive.

Amiga News at that time revived the platform together with the Amiga community that made the platform shine like no other. Now in 2021, the activity from unique indie developers and a huge thanks to Amiga Bill and Indie Retro News. The activity of getting new titles to the platform has exploded!

68000 support in Tanks Furry

Tanks Furry from 2016 just got an update on Aminet. Now the game supports 68000 CPU! It means that even more Amigans can have fun! Because this tanks battle game is fun! Tanks Furry works on any Amiga with 1MB of Chip RAM and an additional 512KB Fast RAM. It even works nicely on my 68060 100MHz Amiga 1200 too.

So, get ready to have some fun!

Amiga Party supporting 4-players at the same time!

It is also worthy to mention that Tanks Furry supports 4-players at the same time playing. It is really a great game to forget the pandemic with and to experience real fun.

Tanks Furry for Amiga is recommended to get for all Amigans loving to battle. What a game this is. A remarkable game where the battles are fun with lots of intense action. Support them. But, I don’t know how Allegro works for international users outside of Poland? I think that the game should be sold through awesome Amiga retailers such as Amedia Computer France.

Amiga gaming development is now more active than ever before. I am glad to see this game getting updates still. How about on-line multiplayer support? Now, that would be awesome! …

Tanks Furry is made possible by Project R3D (Juen – code, Koyot – gfx, JMD – msx, Doomer – sfx) & Aszu