Big things are happening! The AmiDev team is currently preparing a AmiFox boxed edition for the Amiga38 this year in Germany. An one-of-its-kind production run, in very limited quantity. Included will be the box itself, printed manual with (currently) 13 pages and of course a labelled DD Floppy containing AmiFox. It will also include a serial number. And yes, we will be available to sign it if you want that.

You may wonder “why has the AmiFox boxed edition a serial, I thought AmiFox is free to use?”

You’re totally correct. AmiFox is, and will always be, free. The backend even is open source code. This serial will unlock some cosmetic only features, so each time you launch AmiFox you will reminded that we are grateful that you embrace our tiny project. Of course we also hope to use it to brag about having it on social media, using the hashtag #AmiFox ;-). To be clear: it’s JUST COSMETICS, there are no paywalled features or like that in AmiFox or the backend.

The box won’t be fullsize for cost reasons though. The box will have the dimensions 93x124x20 (millimeters), so it will be just slightly larger then a 3.5″ floppy. The manual will be A7 size to fit in that box. This is because we pay all costs for this boxed edition upfront out from our pockets.

What will it cost?

We will offer it for production price (plus some cents to have a round amount so we don’t have to deal with too many coins). The exact price is still subject to change since the manual isn’t yet finished so we don’t know the final amount of pages yet. But it will be way below 10€, most likely below 5€.

How can I get one?

Visit us on the Amiga38! We will have them available at our table, where you will be able to try AmiFox, too.

Boxes not gone after the event will be available for shipping via email/discord order. Of course that would add shipping costs on top of the actual costs for the boxes. Details will follow after the Amiga38, if there will be boxes left.

Previously we only had a simple poll to evaluate the amount of copies needed. By now there is also a reservation form, for either pickup at Amiga38 or delivery via DHL. You can find the reservation form at Google Forms.

Where is the preview?

We intentionally do not provide a preview of the box at this point, since we don’t want to spoil the surprise. But here you have a preview of the manual title page.