First. This is not a Bubble Bobble remake. Second it takes Amiga gaming to new heights in 2020. It is fun and it is a new game that deserves to be mentioned.

You can check out this game on Pouet.

Although it is still early days for this game, unlike before when there was still doubt if the game was actually going to be finished. You’ll be pleased to know that as from 2021, you’ll be able to play a brand new Amiga game, complete with music by Simone JMD Bernacchia, graphics and animations by Ralph and Adrien, a project lead by Nori, and extra development by Meynaf and Stingray‚Ķ. So watch this space!

According to Indie Retro News is that this game will be done in 2021. Until that happens, you can download and try it on your AGA Amiga by downloading the alpha version of Super Pumpkin Bros from Aminet.

All of the graphics, playability and sounds looks awesome. Amiga computer is really loved by indie developers. This game looks to have huge potential. Its so interesting seeing game developers finding interesting new ideas.

What sort of Amiga game are you looking for getting?

Source: Indie Retro News