The SonosController v1.2 is out for lots of Amiga flavors including MorphOS. With it, you can use Sonos Loudspeakers with MorphOS. You can now connect any MorphOS compatible computer to Sonos which is very good news for PowerPC Mac users.

Please visit to find out more about them and their excellent sound systems. Who would think that Sonos loudspeakers would work with MorphOS in 2022? The Amiga community is amazing and Michael Rupp is also behind the AmigaOS TAWS experience on the web.

If you like SonosController, please consider a donation by PayPal to this remarkable Amiga developer: Any donation is highly appreciated, no matter how small, and it helps to keep his motivation up to develop software like this for the Amiga! This is a gem made in his free time for thousands of Amiga users to use.

Amiga specific function in SonosController

Exporting playlists in M3U format is possible with SonosController. These can be put into your music library’s “playlists” folder to be re-imported into Sonos, thus enabling you to kind of backup and restore your playlists. This feature is only on Amiga for now.