The final version of Supercars 2 AGA is rebuilt and a remarkable adaptation to AGA. It is out now. Amitopia Amiga Magazine is a bit late with this Amiga news but the holiday is a valid excuse in Norway where we have winter 9 out of 12 months! The AGA version is a ripped version from Supercars International 1996.

More colors in AGA version of Super Cars II

In this AGA version of Super Cars II that is free, you get tweaked gameplay, updated graphics, and a new soundtrack. The new soundtrack is made by saimon69.

Super Cars II AGA edition includes nice performance even on basic AGA Amiga’s, and classic gameplay features of multiple track types, weapons, road jumps, and car bumping fun to reach the first place as with the original games that Gremlin released before they moved onto their Lotus series which are also very known Amiga games!

So, it’s time to roll those cars and have a blast from the past fun.