The amazing Amiga user from Australia, Moya Jackie McGeough announced about AmiGameJam 2021. I follow it up here so even more Amiga users get a chance to become a part of the event. New Amiga games are coming more and more. But here newcomers got a chance to show their skills.

Dear Amiga friends and fellow retro enthusiasts, I would like to announce that the “AmiGameJam 2021” has begun!

AmiGameJam 2021 is the annual game development competition for the Amiga (originally the Festive Amiga Game-Making Competition).

This year the theme is “Ports”, where all competitors will have six months, starting today, to port any game they like to the Amiga platform. Each competitor will have the opportunity to win extraordinary prizes!

Competitors can use any means possible to code or build the game, which includes using game creation software kits (such as Red Pill, Scorpion Engine, or GRAC).

This contest is open to two separate categories; Classic Amiga and the Next-Gen Amiga models (Aros, MorphOS, and AmigaOS4).

A First Prize will be awarded to the winner of each category and, in addition, Second and Third Prizes will be awarded in the Classic category. In the case of games made specifically for the Vampire then it should be submitted to be under the Next-Gen category.

To ensure the competition is fair for everyone, the work performed for the game should begin after this date.
Entries should be submitted by the 1st of February 2022 and the judging will begin after that. The winners will be announced on a very special award show live-stream hosted by Amiga Bill, starring three celebrity judges and appearances from other special guests in the Amiga and retro community!

Introducing this years’ amazing judges for the contest:
Judge #1 – The fantastic RJ Mical (creator of Amiga’s Graphical User Interface)
Judge #2 – Hi7ch (an amazing variety streamer on Twitch who plays Amiga and retro games)
Judge #3 – TBAWe are all very grateful to have them on board!

Please let me know if you are able to help out with donating prizes or money towards the prize pool!

This is our chance to give something back to those amazing developers who have been porting games to the Amiga but can’t make any money on them. Great thanks to Paul Kitching for his excellent logo!

Submissions open from July 31st, 2021 at 4:00 PM to January 31st, 2022 at 2:00 PM