All the myths, speculations or even wrong rumours about the 68080 accelerator cards available for classic Amiga is now been wiped out of the existence after the launch of this video by the awesome Amiga club in New York named WAUG which stands for Westchester Amiga User Group. This whole production is made possible by The Guru Meditation person calling himself Amiga Bill which has done a really good job presenting what Manuel Jesus have presented at the latest WAUG meeting. See the video below.

Fantastic presentation by Manuel Jesus about the Apollo Team and what 68080 accelerators can do

This awesome Vampire FPGA 68080 presentation was done by Manuel Jesus of the Apollo Team, that gives an overview of the Vampire accelerator cards now and what happens int the future. Manuel describes all of the important features of the Vampire accelerators.  He reveals the past with the NATAMI project and what he did for it. He also reveals the present and future plans Apollo Team has for the Vampire cards in his presentation.

Amiga Bill from WAUG and The Guru Meditation have done a fantastic job editing this video into something that everyone will like and learn something from.

Presentation was held in New York USA on March 24th at the WAUG meeting

This presentation took place on March 24th, 2018 at the Westchester Amiga User Group (WAUG) in New York and is the first of 2 videos that I will make about this meeting. The second will be the hands-on demo of the Vampire in action.

MORE!..  Soon all Vampirized Amiga home computers will become AGA Amiga compatible

So, do support The Guru Meditation by Subscribing to their channel. Dave Haynie also revealed to the Apollo Team at Amiga32 about how the world would turn if such Amiga speeds was released back in the days. Manuel Jesus also talks about that and everything that you wonder about what Vampire FPGA 68080 is and does for the Amiga future.


The Guru Meditation on YouTube