DizzyTorrent is a very interesting and functional BitTorrent client that you find on Aminet. It is implemented for AmigaOS 3.1 and works on nextgen AmigaOS like AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. This torrent app for AmigaOS operates on real classic hardware, and can be controlled with or without using the GUI and via AREXX.

DizzyTorrent Works on all AmigaOS Compatible operating Systems

DizzyTorrent is tested to work on PPC AmigaOS4.1, and MorphOS 3.9+. These nextgen AmigaOS Compatible systems can run 68k software thru Petunia (AmigaOS 4) and Trance (MorphOS). The only part of AmigaOS 68k that is emulated is the CPU for both of these 68k JIT Emulators. Everything else like libs can be used both ways.

Use it only for legal usage like any other Download app

Just be aware!

Like with anything on-line. Do not spread piracy software or films that you don’t have rights to spread. Please do not use this program for copyright infringement or the distribution of any data which may be prohibited or unlawful. DizzyTorrent is intended for AmigaOS is meant to be used for distribution/downloading of legal content archives such as public domain classic movies, software distributions, or materials specifically allowed by copyright holders.

New features in DizzyTorrent 1.06

* AREXX GetTorrentStatus(), GetFileStatus(), GetTorrentFiles() was only
updating if the mainwindow is not hidden.
* ‘About’ window now displays ARexx port name.
* DizzyTorrent AREXX reference improvements, errata.
* Use ReadArgs( )to parse command line switches. Amiga User Interface Style
Guide compliant.
* New command line switch PORTNAME to set AREXX portname
* New command line switch NOGUI to start with no GUI active.
* New command line switch SETTINGS to override default settings file
* Changes in AREXX Api to use standard Amiga templates.
* Removed some some overlap in AREXX Api.
* Added AREXX HELP, DizzyTorrent command.
* AREXX API now returns error details in RC2 variable.
* Created /arexx/ subdirectory and ARexx program dz-status.rexx to allow
checking status of DizzyTorrent when there is no GUI
* DizzyTorrent AREXX can now be addressed with the ADDRESS command and no
longer automatically loads itself as a function library.

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