There is a new converter tool for AmigaOS 3 and MorphOS that converts Protracker MOD songs to WAV, IFF or RAW file format. It is made for both operating systems by Martin Cameron. This is for sure a quite handy tool if you want your MOD songs on a CD or convert them later on to MP3s for example.

Converter outputs 16-bit stereo WAV files

Mod2Wav app for AmigaOS 3 and MorphOS can output single pattern or even a whole Protracker MOD song into a sample. You can choose between 16-bit stereo WAV or 8-bit IFF-8SVX/RAW
using high-quality oversampling and dithering.

The app uses Micromod engine for great module compatibility. The app is made in C language and works from Shell/CLI in AmigaOS 3 or MorphOS.

Convert your Protracker MODs into CDs or MP3s

With this tool you can for sure save your MOD collection. You can also convert the WAV songs later on to MP3s etc if you want to. Then you can put your songs on a mempen or your favorite MP3 player and have some amazing moments for sure. There are some really fantastic Amiga Protracker icons that you should checkout. Jogeir Liljedahl from Norway is one of them. He have made nice songs like Physical Presence that you can listen to on YouTube here. Jester is another great artist. His Molecule’s Revenge is for sure a very funky electronic experience like no other. Amiga Protracker MOD makers from back in the time made some of the best tunes. They are still as good as they were back in the days.

If you want even more suggestions. Amitopia suggest you to check out all the Protracker MODs and other types of tunes made on Amiga on Also with YouTube being a very huge video resource. Searching for Amiga MODs there is also a good tip so you know what to get.

Get the MOD2WAV app from Aminet here

AmigaOS 3.x version
MorphOS version