Amitopia is also putting its strength into giving you AROS news like no other. We begin this AROS journey with Armodplugplayer v0.2! This is a brand new MOD player for AROS. It runs on i386 x86 AROS version and got Zune gui to it.

Requirements for ArModPlugPlayer
Decoder= libmodplug v0.8.5 by Olivier Lapicque <olivierl()>.
Output = AHI.
GUI = Zune/mui.

Zune/Volume class.
Zune/info display class.
Zune/Duration/TimeLine class.

PDF created using Txt2Pdf.
Gfx/icons done using LunaPaint.
Archived via arZIP.

The author also mentions in the readme file that all of his work is done on his Acer AspireOne with Icaros. If you wonder about what Icaros is, then check out

Aminet Download Zone 0.2 mus/play 1.8M i386-aros Plays 22 different mod formats(readme)

Nice to see a MOD player beeing developed for AROS. Nice to see this open source version of AmigaOS beeing supported.

More Info about ArModPlugPlayer

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