AmiTimeKeeper is a small program that is much easies to use than ntptool that you also find on Aminet. With this app for AmigaOS, you can remove your Battery without worries as this app will keep AmigaOS time up to date always as long your Amiga is on-line!

AmiTimeKeeper keeps the time right on your AmigaOS compatible Amiga connected to Internet

Once you have Internet connection to your beloved Amiga. There is no installation is required. Only an internet connection is needed, unarchiving the LHA file and transfer the directory to where you want to have it.

AmiTimeKeeper can be controlled through a number of settings. This can be done either directly from the command line or by using the tooltypes of an icon. Preferences can also be saved between reboots.

The default server address is currently To find another server try visiting or one of the other sites listing time servers.

Major changes in 1.05 06.08.2018

  • Preferences can now be saved from settings window
  • Running multiple instances no longer creates zombie processes
  • Low water option renamed to threshold and high water option removed
  • New option for sending log messages to file instead of to screen
  • Read-only options is now applied consistently

Here you see how the archive looks like. You can put it into C and then run the app from User-Startup or simply put it into the WBstartup folder and it will be launched from there. To get the preferences up, you need to double click the icon once again. From here you can choose other servers eventually.

Get AmiTimeKeeper from Aminet here