When you are related to Amiga. You think you know every Amiga source of information. But for some reason, the two amazing hosts at Amigos Amiga Podcast isn’t a show that I’ve personally have heard of (silly me.. krrtrm!). But now I finally have. Amazing Amiga News for me, which I personally say a big thanks to for his information about Amigos Amiga Podcast! Kudos to you!

Amigos Podcast mentioning Amitopia in their Episode 159 is excellent Amiga News

There is something appealing with the American language. It fits in any show production and this Podcast production ain’t no exception neither. Amigos Podcast is really well done! It’s full of entertainment and the hosts makes even boring parts to something interesting. Now, that’s tallent. They got me hooked to their show for the entire 56 minutes! Great!

In this episode, they have some Amiga News in the beginning and then talks about the new Worthy game, which is a commercial Amiga game made by the same bunch that did Giana Sisters S.E and the various MegaCD VideoCD ports.

SO! If you love Amiga and wants some nice Podcast entertainment. Amigos Podcast aka Everything Amiga is something for every Amigan out there. Support them thru their Patreon page and support them by Subscribing. These Amigos Podcast deserve all the help they can get. I can’t understand how I’ve never noticed or even knew anything about this Podcast. I must have been sleeping under a rock! I am really sorry. Because, this is a gem in the Amigaworld. This is quality!

Everything Amiga is all about Amigos Podcast giving Amiga Content

You find the latest Amigos Amiga Podcast production on everythingamiga.com site. It is all about Amiga. Here you have their Podcasts, Amiga News and they even got a very nice Amigos-Labs site with various Amiga tips that is handy to know. Here, even a hardcore Amiga user will find something useful for sure.

In this Amigos-Labs you also have reviews and interesting installing guides. These articles should have been made much easier for the public! Because they are brilliant resources for Amigans.

* Sooo! What are you waiting for? Listen to Amigos Podcast Episode 159 Now *