AmigaONE X5000, AmigaOne future, Nextgen Amiga, AmigaOS4 Hyperion Issues

A new PowerPC based Amiga is now getting launched as AmigaOne X5000. The price is tough, but for every hardcore Amigafan, X5000 is the next thing. X1000 was such success that A-EON now have provided the next AmigaOne version called X5000.

From Trevor Dickinson’s blog:

Close encounters of the X5000 kind

AmigaOne X5000

It’s been a long time coming but I was pleased to be able to announce at Amiwest that the AmigaOne X5000 is now officially available for sale. The first commercial version, the AmigaOne X5000 ‘Close Encounters’ Limited Edition is supplied with a fully licensed pre-release advanced copy of the latest AmigaOS 4.1 FE v1.1 update developed by Hyperion Entertainment. The AmigaOne X5000 can be ordered directly from A-EON Technology or from one of the approved Amiga retailers in the following countries:

  • UK: AmigaKit

  • USA: Amiga on the Lake

  • Germany: Alinea Computer

  • Italy:ACube srl

  • Switzerland & France: Relec

  • France: AMedia computer

  • Scandinavia: GGS Data

  • Worldwide: A-EON Technology


So, now if you want the newest AmigaOne X5000. It is time to head to the best dealer near you. The price is fair in that you will get a New PowerPC machine in 2016, which is dominated by x86 Intel market. If you are into AmigaOS 4, then X5000 is the thing for you.

Trevor’s Blog