A new game is out for the Amiga and it is free on Aminet. This game delivers tons of moments with fun. For some this game can be a bit addictive even and Now the developer behind it released a Amiga RTG fix for the game! But the games requirements is a Amiga OCS with 68000, 512K, or better.

ModSurfer is Inspired by AudioSurf

ModSurfer for Amiga is a rhythm game inspired by the title AudioSurf which is out for Windows on Steam. But in this Amiga only version you select any MOD music file from your collection and a 3D track will be created for you to play on.

The game is easy to setup. Just download it from Aminet. Unarchive it and put it where you want it. Open it and choose the directory where you’ve got your MOD songs. Now you can start the game.

Roll over tiles with an Amiga Boingball

In ModSurfer your main task is to roll over the tiles on a 3D alike track to score points and keep the
music going. Miss a tile and the instrument won’t play, making a right mess of the music! So be careful.

Use the file browser to select a MOD file and click the Start Game button. Move left/right with the mouse. Joystick and keyboard (A and D) are  supported. However, using a mouse is highly recommended.

You can exit a track early by pressing the Escape key. You can also return to AmigaOS desktop from the menu with the Escape key.

Loading issues for people with Indivision AGA mk2

You can play ModSurfer from a HD or even from a  floppy. If you do have limited RAM, there is also a bootable ADF image which is included in the archive.

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ModSurfer MOD game is made so that it will run on any Amiga at 50 FPS. Larger MODs may require more chip RAM to load.

On our Amitopia Amiga Magazine Amiga 1200 test machine (Apollo 1260, Indivision AGA mk2 + AmigaOS 3.1.4) we had some issues with the HD version in the previous version. From AmigaOS 3.1.4 itself the game just didn’t want to run as it should as it did quit back to AmigaOS all the time. I tested with booting without no Startup Sequence and then it did work. So something triggers the issue. I have reported this back to the developer and hope that it got fixed in this RTG update.

It seems to be a AmigaOS 3.1.4 and Indivision AGA mk2 issue as 68080 Vampire users with AmigaOS 3.1 or even AmigaOS 3.9 have no issues playing it.

MODs Collection is also available for ModSurfer on Aminet

No MOD collection? Not a problem! There are so many Amiga users sitting on tons of Amiga MODs collections. If you don’t have any luck then there is a ModSurfer MOD Pack that is released on Aminet. This author is awesome. Great service so that even more people can enjoy it.

We at Amitopia Amiga Magazine love such releases. This is just awesome!


Source: Aminet and YouTube