On the 12th and 13th of October 2019, Amiga 34 was once again held in Neuss, Germany. This time with more drama in the background. It is a complete kindergarten mess where lawyers and Amiga owners use this arena for their discussions that don’t do anyone good.

Amiga 34 Event Shows Why The Amiga Community Is Important
Amiga 34 Event Shows Why The Amiga Community Is Important

Where is the mature person standing out and tries to fix this mess? With New Amiga, Hyperion, A-EON, Checkmate, A1200.net, A-EON, Dave Haynie, Jens (Individual Computers) and David Pleasance trying to figure out how to move Amiga forward behind closed doors. They just do the opposite thing of what the Amiga community wants even though they try?… .. .

It does seem to Amitopia Amiga Magazine which is not invited into these talks that no one manages to do anything right for the Amiga or got the love for its users at any level of talks. But the Amiga is alive. Not because of them but because of the strongest computing community on the planet. So this event shows Why The Amiga Community Is Important.

Promising without Moving our Amiga Platform Forward

At Amiga 34 it was very clear that it is the Amiga community that delivers and moves the computer forward. Not the ones that are fighting about the Amiga rights. They promise and don’t deliver what the Amiga community is asking for.

So, here I like to present our Top 5 3rd party Amiga community helpers list that were at Amiga 34 such as:

  1. Amiga 34 Event Shows Why The Amiga Community Is ImportantWarp Accelerators
    – Beautiful stand. Great people. Informative and got lots of passion at the event! Both of the people from the Warp team had a huge interest from people visiting their stand. It was really obvious that these two made a huge impression on visitors and me.In my book they did everything. They had 2 Amigas that could be tested and 2 Amigas showing how their cards look when connected to both Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200 motherboard. Both of the cards that were shown; Warp 560 and Warp 1260 look so beautifully made.Their presentation really made me love their products. The Warp team has made a product that is not just beauty. But it contains so many features that people will forget the price at 499,- Euros which they announced at the event on Saturday. The price is without a 68060 CPU though. But you also get RTG, ARM, USB, WIFI, DDR3 RAM, MicroSD +++ for your Classic Amiga.

    The Warp team is also an excellent example of a great Amiga community spirit. The Warp 1260 connector for Amiga 1200 is from majsta. This is a spirit that the owners should learn from.

  2. Amiga 34 Event Shows Why The Amiga Community Is ImportantVampire V4 Standalone! Sold 20 within 2 hours I’ve got told at the event!
    – Finally, a new Amiga is out. Awesome to see new Amiga compatible computers getting the attention that they deserve. The Vampire V4 Standalone case is also way sexier than previous thought.

    The Vampire V4 Standalone is a worthy new Classic Amiga home computer that could have taken the new awesome Classic Amiga spirit forward. But because of all the immatured fights higher up in the Amiga pyramid drama. It is really silly and sad that Apollo Team can’t name it an Amiga but instead needs to name it an Amiga Compatible Computer.

    It is also great to see them co-operate with the Warp team helping them. Apollo Team spirit is a bit destroyed because of the drama. All the drama queens should stop and give the Amiga spirit wings so it can rise. Vampire V4 Standalone is here and it takes 68k Amiga forward.

  3. Amiga 34 Event Shows Why The Amiga Community Is ImportantMorphOS 3.13 and AMD version
    – The team behind MorphOS has slowly made hints about changing its roadmap for further development. This is the very first event where Amitopia has been able to see the AMD version of MorphOS. It’s a very interesting roadmap and bigfoot could reveal that they will continue with PowerPC support. Also that the AMD version will have a PowerPC emulator so that the AMD version of MorphOS can run the PowerPC apps. Very interesting but no words about when the new version will be released.

    I also saw MorphOS 3.13 in development for Classic Amiga owners with PowerPC accelerators connected. But I never got to talk about it with them. More on this version for sure.

  4. Amiga 34 Event Shows Why The Amiga Community Is ImportantAmigaOS 3.2 announcement at Amiga 34
    – Maybe one of the most underrated news at Amiga 34. This new AmigaOS is made by Hyperion which x-Cloanto is a furry about. But we at Amitopia Amiga Magazine think that this development should go side by side with what New Amiga plans to open-source AmigaOS. People should be able to choose and whatever lawyer and the owners of Amiga says. They should all listen to the community that brings the Amiga forward. Co-operate with the community. Not divide itself by talking behind the doors. That’s not the Amiga spirit that the platform should have.

    New ROM module for Easier update Possibility

    A new ROM module that the developers have named “system-startup” is in development so that ROM updates for AmigaOS will become much easier to do. This is done by alleviating LoadModule from some of its work by loading system components from disk, replacing many ROM ones. This function will for sure be a nice feature not only for Classic Amiga users but also for Vampire V4 Standalone users.

    Other new features that are worth mentioning in this article is a new input.device that is better at handling USB solutions connected to the Amiga. This feature will be very useable for Warp accelerators with USB and the Vampire V4 Standalone.

    Later we will provide a full AmigaOS 3.2 list of features that is under development. But at the stand that Hyperion made for promoting it wasn’t the best at Amiga 34. Maybe it was to avoid too much comment from Mike which doesn’t like that it’s been made? But what Timothy from Hyperion showed me of AmigaOS 3.2 it seems to me that the development is moving in a parallel way to their AmigaOS 4.x development.

  5. Amiga 34 Event Shows Why The Amiga Community Is ImportantReshoot Proxima III is aiming at 2020
    – One of the most beautifully made Amiga games for AGA computers that were made in 2019 was the release of Reshoot R. Now Richard is putting his energy on making a nice scroller shooter that moves upwards.

    The game title of this awesome new shooter is Reshoot Proxima III. The name is really awesome for a Sci-Fi person that I am. It is a nice path that Richard and his team are going for sure.

I need to thank the organizers of Amiga 34

I have also made some interviews with other people at the event. I heard that the Inviyya developer was there. I also got to know that awards were given out. But Amiga 34 is a huge event and so I couldn’t reach everything.

Amitopia sends a huge thanks to all of the organizers and sponsors of this amazing Amiga 34 event. A really nice event showing what the Amiga community is doing and how far it has come. And now the ball is sent to the warriors keeping the Amiga creativity at a halt. You must let the Amiga ball roll everywhere.

And maybe the A1222 Tabor will finally be out. It is taken a long time until now for Trevor to release his new less expensive motherboard. Maybe AmigaOS 4.x can get a new height before we see 2019 turns to 2020. At least the Warp team and Apollo Team is delivering. Game developers such as Richard and many others also keep the Amiga alive. Those that fight now should give the Amiga community the space that they need to move the platform forward.

More Amiga 34 articles are under making. So be sure to read more about Checkmate and A1200.net very soon. Also, there was open-source projects at the event. We will cover them. Share and Like our articles if you like them.


Source: Amitopia Own Experience