The love for classic Amiga is endless it seems. And in this recently news item that you find on AmigaNews. They can report about two Polish people that will eventually create the very first 68060 card for Amiga 500. At the moment, these Polish genius Amiga hardware developers is Szymon ‘Cizar’ Paprocki and Andrzej ‘Sellen’ Rogozynski. These two incredible talented people are working on accelerator boards for the Amiga 500.

More choice for your Amiga 500

Now we’ve got the 68080 FPGA cards from Apollo Team for Amiga 500. But soon, these two Polish people will be producing new accelerator cards for Amiga 500 which will be equipped with  68030, 68040 or 68060. Prototypes of the accelerator card already exist.

The accelerator cards are still in an early development stage. But the following features below that are planned is very interesting

  • MC68030 (with FPU MC68882) and 040 processors, 68060 also planned

  • SDRAM or DDR chips as FastRAM, controlled by a Spartan6 FPGA controller

  • Slot for CF cards

  • IDE port (40 Pin)

  • A ARM ST32H7 microcontroller with 400Mhz, its function is not clear. Translations of third parties from the Polish say “a new chipset with access to the complete FastRAM”.

  • NAU8822AYG-based soundcard with MP3-decoder and AHI implementation. The original Amiga signal is supposed to be taken through the card

  • USB

  • UEXT


  • MicroSD slot

  • 12-bit stereo sampler

  • Hardware MPEG decodierung

  • HDMI port

These accelerator cards from them will give Apollo Team competition when they are released. In the list above we can see that they are working on soundcard implementation, RAM expansion possibility, USB connection and also a MicroSD slot. There is also something about a 400MHz controller? These accelerators will for sure compete. Especially if their 68060 card won’t be too expensive. Then this accelerator for Amiga 500 will be able to compete.

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Both CS530 and CS540 videos shows progress in Development

All the statements that is made by the developers are only available in Polish and the boards is still are in an early development stage. We are really looking forward to see them. If some of the developers wants to. Send Amitopia Amiga Magazine more details about your new accelerator cards! Post at Distrita dot com is the mail!

It is great to see Amiga 500 users being taken serious and we send the developers good karma. Make this happen.

Amitopia is waiting for a card to Review!



Source: Amiga News