No. This is not the Atari version that is in the making for the Amiga. It is a game titled Jump! which is based on Yoomp! that is an 8-bit Atari action game with some great features. As you can see in the video below.

Video showing Jump! port to the Amiga

Jump! for Amiga will have a much more 3D texture detailed version that will require Amiga 1200 with 68020 14MHz and 4MB Fast RAM.

This is the Amiga version which you can see have nice 3D Textured graphics, Amiga boingball that bounces and an awesome look. The video teaser above is released by Marek Marecki.

Photo: YouTube – Nice graphics in Jump!

As in Jump! there are 16 tiles on an axis gamefield, there are 10 deep tiles that are visible instead of 4 for better planning of moment, newely added special orange bonus fields, which change game for collecting points, and finally there are more special fields which may cause other fields to dissapear.

So, Jump! seems to be a nice game for Classic Amiga when it will be out. Many extra features are built into Jump! On the Indie Retro News site also mentions that the game will run both on Amiga with OCS and Amigas with AGA.

Photo: YouTube – Be careful not to fall off

So now we’re waiting for the game to be released. Jump! looks really nice. We are waiting to try it our!

Source: Indie Retro News