Vampire V4 Standalone Amedia Computer FranceWith the launch of the Vampire V4 Standalone. Big news sites such as Forbes magazine on-line made a bigger article about our platform that _never_ wants to die! The reason for this now is the totally New 68080 Amiga compatible computer which is made by the amazing Apollo Team.

In that very same article, the writer also stated a statement by Linus Torvald which is the father of the Linux operating system.

I had to research a bit, because the statement is from the 24th of September 2019. Now we’re past the Amiga 34 event where Vampire V4 Standalone was launched. Today you can buy it here. The price is set at 589 Euros and you have a totally new Amiga at home.

But Linus as many others in the PC world is still amazed by the existence of Amiga, which I find really interesting.

Amiga is the platform that _never_ die!

“Christ. Will that thing _never_ die?” is what Linus Torvald wrote regarding a comment on new drivers for ICY which is a Zorro card!

Will the Amiga platform _never_ die? Vampire V4 Standalone is Here

The Amiga community is really amazing at keeping the computer platform alive. In this community, we have software developers, hardware developers and community helpers such as me. I really love to spread my Amiga love on PC forums and more.

And now with the Vampire V4 Standalone Amiga Compatible motherboard. This _never_ die statement is even stronger than ever before.

Vampire V4 Standalone Amedia Computer FranceThe Amazing Amiga community will _never_ let Amiga die! Never!

It is time for the world to accept that what the love the Amiga engineers at Commodore gave this platform is beyond anything else. The fact that x-Commodore people such as David Pleasance and Dave Haynie comes to the events is really appreciated. Even Petro Tyschtchenko (x-ESCOM Amiga Technologies CEO) came to Amitopia Amiga Magazine stand at Amiga 34 and did a warm and good friendship handshake.

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Amiga is the platform that _never_ dies. It lives on and that is thanks to you all out there. Now its time to support Amedia and other retailers that are selling this new Amiga compatible computer. Amiga lives on because of you.


Source:, Amitopia Own Experience