Awesome Amiga News for Vampire owners in the world. Improvements to the GOLD2 are nearer than ever for Amiga owners, either you use Amiga 1000 or Amiga 600 with it.

Vampire GOLD2 News

Amiga News for Vampire Users

If you didn’t know, the Classic Amiga line from Commodore is getting extra publicity it needs with the new Vampire cards released for them right now.

With these FPGA accelerators you have so many new features, that you’re old Amiga 500, Amiga 2000 and Amiga CDTV can be productive Amiga computers again. Amiga Makes It Possible for sure with Apollo Team so active giving their passion and vision available for you and me!

GOLD2 is officially released for V600 V2 (Amiga 600 version) and V500 V2(+) (Amiga 500, Amiga 2000, and Amiga CDTV version).

Changes in GOLD2 Release are

  • AMMX greatly improved
  • Added CPU counters
  • Added TURTLE mode
  • Modified PCR register. 68080 now acts as a 060.
  • Modified MOVEC Rc,Rn (reads in User mode and Writes in Supervisor mode)
  • Improved some loops patterns
  • Improved self-modifying code support
  • Improved memory controller to be full 32-bit
  • Improved HDMI cor

Also, SAGA Driver package has been updated to 0.11 to accomodate new things to the important Amiga News.

All info and downloads are on

Many thanks to all the team for the huge work put into that release! This also goes from the Amitopia team! Fantastic product that deserves this attention. Get yourself a Vampire card for your beloved Amiga today at: