So far, these exhibitors have confirmed their attendance at AmiWest 2018

AmiWest 2018 is the 21st AmiWest show celebrating two decades of Amiga innovations and happenings at AmiWest. It will be held between October 11th and October 14th, 2018 in Sacramento, USA.

Here is the exhibitors that will come to AmiWest 2018

 Sacramento Amiga Computer Club
Sponsors of AmiWest since its founding in 1998 by SACC club members. The Amiga show on the West Coast of the U.S. and venue for the Amiga community gathering in the United States from all points on the planet. We have counted many Amiga luminaries among our members, among them the legendary Jay Miner. We currently maintain the Jay Miner memorial software library.
Amiga Users of Calgary, Canada, has been organized and active since 1999. Thank you for sponsoring AmiWest and keeping the flame alive in Canada! See their page link above for information on their AmiJam show.
A-EON Technology, Ltd.
New AMIGAone hardware company bringing the Amiga X1000 and X5000 with dual-core PPC CPU and custom Xena chips to market.
World #1 Amiga hardware and software dealer for Amiga classic and emerging Amiga platforms, including A-Cube SAM series and A-EON X1000 and (soon!) X5000..
AmiWest broadcast
Broadcasting Amiga shows for 20 years from all over North America. The technology has envolved from just IRC to IRC and Webcam to IRC, Webcam, and Streaming Audio, to IRC, Webcam, Audio, and Video. Tune in to see and hear the show live with real time Video Toaster effects.
Amiga On The Lake
Amiga On The Lake, “The First Primarily “Amiga New Generation” Reseller on Planet Earth!” (other planets pending ), will be ably represented by owner Aaron Smith and company at AmiWest 2018. Talk to him about all the new Amiga NG offerings for both hardware and software! Thanks for supporting Amiga Future Forward!
Amiga Apps
Amiga experts show AmigaOS applications and configurations for the 21st century! You won’t want to miss what these guys are bringing!
Inertial Computing
Inertial Computing exhibits again at AmiWest 2018, celebrating 33 years of Amiga. Exhibitor Alex Perez, long-time AmiWest Broadcast member and AmigaOS beta-tester and developer, is bringing his exhibit to AmiWest 2018. “Inertial Computing is a Silicon-valley based think [tank] dedicated to developing and engaging the Amiga hardware and software development community and enabling creative re-use of what others may consider antiquated and/or obsolete computer technology.” Inertial will also be selling the new SCSI25DB adapters, adapting the old SCSI interface to a micro SD card. And there’s several other projects as well! You’ve got to come see it all at AmiWest!
Bay Area Retrocomputing Club
BARCC is a NEW retro computing club in the San Francisco Bay Area supporting AmiWest 2018. Whatever retro machine interests you (Sinclair, TRS-80, C64, and more) you are welcome. It’s a “big tent.” See their site for more info on meetings and come talk to them at AmiWest 2018.
Bit By Bit Software Group
From their website: “BITbyBIT Software Group LLC was formed in November of 2003 by Jamie Krueger as a new software development company dedicated to producing high quality software for the latest release of the AmigaOS4(tm) operating system, AmigaOS4(tm). The primary focus of the company is to bring a new level of professional software development tools, in an easy to use graphical environment, to the AmigaOS4(tm) platform. This software development suite is called AVD.” Come see AVD and talk with Jamie at AmiWest 2018!
SACC guy
SACC Guy returns for AmiWest 2018 as one of our two SACC member exhibitors. He is actually one of the founders of AmiWest. He has many things to say about Amiga and is a very engaging conversationalist as well as a major X5000 beta tester. Come see his table at AmiWest 2018!
Ascil Amiga Tech
Retro computer tech Paul Rezendes will be at AmiWest 2018! He is bringing new projects that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to see his table!
Chris Brenner, engineer
Chris Brenner, returning SACC member and hardware engineer, has been wow-ing us at SACC with new hardware running old games – in 1080P resolution! You’ve got to see what he is bringing to AmiWest 2018.
Infocessories, the Amiga REBOL community presenting the Relative Expression-Based Object Language by Carl Sassenrath. We will also have accessories (mice, accelerator boards, etc.) for your classic Amiga for sale. There might even be a computer or two for you to purchase. Come visit our table.

When is what on AmiWest 2018?

  • DevCon starts on Thursday Oct 11, 2018
  • Classic Clinic starts at 5 PM on Friday Oct 12, 2018
  • Show doors open at 10 AM on Saturday Oct 13, 2018
  • Banquet starts at 7 PM on Saturday Oct 13, 2018
  • Sunday starts at 10 AM on Sunday Oct 14, 2018
  • Doors close at 4 PM Sunday Oct 14, 2018

All times are local in Sacramento, which is in California state of USA. If you are an Amigan and like the Amiga computer you will love AmiWest. Check out their website for more information. Amitopia wishes that next year we get info regarding this a bit earlier to our mailbox. Thanks for the information anyway.


Source:, mail to Amitopia
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