Finally an update for -=REDPILL=- Amiga Game Creator users. Now version 0.8.1 is available! This is a tool for people who can’t code to create Amiga games on the fly. -=REDPILL=- is a remarkable tool to give people of Amiga computers the power to create many games for Amiga without knowing programming knowledge.

Create awesome platformers with -=REDPILL=-

The -=REDPILL=- tool for Amiga aims to be easy to use and at the same time allow to do complex things. It is a great tool to get more people interested in making games for the Classic Amiga Software platform. It is a game creator tool to play with. The creators claim its not a professional tool but as we know. Amigans are creative.

This Amiga game creator tool doesn’t have thousands of features but instead, it has a few features that work really great is the developers aim behind this tool which is totally free to download from Aminet.

With this tool, you can create 2D games with the true Amiga feeling! Just look at the video above for how Super Mario can be made in it.

Requirements for -=REDPILL=- that is worthy to Know

  • Amiga with OCS or AGA
  • 68020 Processor or better
  • 2MB of RAM for the Player
  • 3MB of RAM for the Editor that gets installed on your AmigaOS compatible hard drive
  • Bigger projects might require more resources

For the Vampire V4 Standalone Amiga from Apollo Team. You will need to have core 74XX or higher. ApolloOS games work but the keyboard and mouse input is not working. It is recommended to run AmigaOS 3.x to get the most out of -=REDPILL=- Amiga gaming creator tool.

game creator for amiga redpill

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Release notes
-In Screen menu, a color other than 0 can be overwritten, from 0(background)
to 127.
-BG Color and BG Rainbow action triggers are now named Overwrite Color and
Overwrite Gradient.
-Physics: Speed on col behavior reviewed.
-Performance: Improved performance of math routines.
-FIX: CD32 play CD routines fixed to allow more than one track being played.
-FIX: After moving to another level sometimes there was a glitch in the
-FIX: When re-adding objects in the level, sometimes they were not added.
-FIX: Screen width was not reset when loading a new game.

Enjoy creating new games for the Amiga without any coding skills.

What sort of 2D game do you want to create?