Amiga 34 Dinner Talks
All sitting together talking about something that didn’t happen, or? …

The Amiga marked is one of the most obscure one with owners that just thinks of themselves instead of making any progress for the Amiga future. It’s just silly that the Amiga scene lets New Amiga, Hyperion and A-EON destroy the future of Amiga. It’s like children younger than 5 in kindergarten where they forget what they are supposed to do! Because the Amiga scene is tired of no action or no will for bringing love.

At the VIP dinner after Amiga 34 on Saturday 12th of October 2019. I personally talked with Timothy De Groote from Hyperion Entertainment. I also talked with Mike Labatt from New Amiga and we were all going to have a debate on Sunday at 12 on Amitopia TV.

It was all settled before everyone became way to drunk and we all ended dancing to weird leederhousen hardcore music. Then the Sunday 13th of October 2019 came and at 12 I visited Timothy booth. We waited for Mike to show up, but he never came. So at the end of the day before I had to leave. Timothy promised that Amitopia will get positive news on 14th of Monday 2019 after Amiga 34. But then Monday came, with no words at all!

I personally tried to get in touch with Timothy but no answer for many days. Mike and Trevor answered me but no answer came from them with the good news that I was promised. So with that I understood that nothing is solved after many days without any information. So, today I am writing this on 30th of November 2019. It’s been many days since Amiga 34 and no news from no one. So, I decided that I had to write this. Because I personally love the Amiga so much and there are people stabbing the possibility of a great Amiga future with all parties winning on it. Something needs to be done! Now!…

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This is a digital fight between children demanding their rights

How can you promise that things will be great when it doesn’t? The person behind all of the Kickstart Checkmate A1500 cases was sitting together with Dave Haynie, David Pleasance, Jens Schoenfeld, Timothy De Groote and Trevor Dickinson at a closed meeting which everyone could see. They did this before the main VIP dinner. Mike Labatt wasn’t there but something must have happened at these talks.

I had both Timothy De Groote and Mike Labatt beside me at the table where I was sitting eating a very delicious dinner buffet. They were saying that nothing bad is going on between them. But they hardly spoke to each other I noticed. I haven’t followed the drama between Hyperion Entertainment, Cloanto, Jens and A-EON. So I haven’t put my mind into the drama there is. They all say that there is no drama, but at the same time they all still fight in the background until today or else they would have an agreement on Monday after Amiga 34, right?

Each time I ask there is no answers. There is only attacks from each of them or just silence. I throw a snowball that is white and red,.. catch it or don’t be part of the clan type of demandings. It is very wise of MorphOS Team to stay out of this drama. The Amigascene doesn’t seem to be interested in it too. But all we want is Amiga to have a future.

Behind Closed Doors at the Amiga 34 VIP Dinner Talks
Behind Closed Doors at the Amiga 34 VIP Dinner Talks

A-EON, New Amiga and Hyperion Entertainment should work Together

The world is laughing at Amiga since the demise of Commodore. ESCOM came and gave us hopes but that hope was flushed down too early for a nice revive of the Amiga computer. Gateway 2000 gave some really huge hopes with Jim Collas as CEO. He had the charisma that would have got Amiga up from the mudd but once World Of Amiga 1998 was over in London with lots of hopes. Gateway 2000 chose to abandon the Amiga because of Microsoft threatening them. Petro Tyschtschenko revealed that to me personally. It wasn’t just a rumor but a fact. Then Amino took over before they renamed themselves to Amiga Inc.

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Cloanto got the Amiga license as I understand from Amiga Technologies, Petro told me. They have used this to give Amiga Inc. and even Hyperion Entertainment a chance? That they are able to produce AmigaOS 4.x but not AmigaOS 3.x but then Hyperion Entertainment says that they have signed on papers giving them rights to do all sorts of AmigaOS versions. So they keep on doing it even when Mike Labatt doesn’t like that they do. Cloanto did make their own Kickstart 3.x ROMs too.

All of this could have been solved! And they seemed to want to solve it at Amiga 34. But on my promised day for solving all of the issues. Nothing happened. I am writing this in a hope for seeing that all of the people that are involved in this should look themselves around. The Checkmate A1500 guy earns so much that he can be part of these talks??? Yet nothing happens. He is part of the community since it is the Amiga community that have donated for his Amiga chasing project. But nothing is happening. “We are trying to do what we can to solve this…” but the Amigascene is doing fine. New hardware is made, new software and lots of energy is put into the Amiga.

But none of the people involved in this seems to be interested in the Amiga future? And whats sort of future do you have without the Amiga community? To hold back so much information regarding Amiga is so heartbreaking. Because without the Amigascene. You wouldn’t be here discussing these issues. You would have solved it together with the community. Instead you keep the Amiga as underground platform forever.

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You should work together with the Amiga scene!