The Amiga market is really active. The new software is developed for our platform every day and now we can reveal that a new River Raid clone is out.

River Raid Reloaded is Free to Download

This game was released originally for Atari in 1982. Then it was ported to many other systems and now River Raid Reloaded is out. The game should work on all Amigas including Amiga 1200 as Indie Retro News describes it.

Bridge Strike is a commercial game that is also similar to this game. The author didn’t know about it. But do support and buy Bridge Strike. We recommend it.

According to the creator, RiverRaid Reloaded is a small clone that was meant to be released some weeks ago during the eab competition as a small 128kb file that should fit on everyones harddisk for testing.

So grab that Joystick and start playing. Because River Raid Reloaded is full of action, you will experience entertainment like never before…

Download Get River Raid Reloaded



Source: Indie Retro News


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