Last year, the Amiga saw so many new game titles! And one of them was Blocky Skies (free game for Amiga on Aminet) that I actually love to play at our Amiga 1200 at Distrita office. Now, the same team have released teasers with the title Climby Skies.

Fluid platformer for all Amiga specs
This demo which they call Climby Skies, is a brilliant showcase that shows their new Amiga game engine that runs with 32 colors at the same time and in a speed of 50FPS on an unexpanded Amiga 500! Brilliant!

See their Climby Skies test demo here!

Amitopia wishes the developers good luck! And cowabonga if this gets a release. Looks so fun! Blocky Skies is loved at our office though! So, you know!

Blocky Skies on Aminet

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