The amazing Nextgen Amiga compatible operating system MorphOS is now bumped up to 3.16. MorphOS now includes the latest Wayfarer browser instead of Odyssey Web Browser which is a more up-to-date browser. Iris which is the e-mail client for MorphOS is also bundled with the operating system. This means that MorphOS is a really great choice for those that want Amiga feeling but also like to use more modern and demanding applications.

On a 1.5GHz PowerPC G4 or higher, you can even watch YouTube clips! Including watching streams using Wayfarer. You can use many of the Google services too using the web browser and Iris can connect with your GMAIL account too.

MorphOS 3.16 also comes with MagicBeacon is now merged into the system and the new “Expose” app switcher.

MorphOS Team Announcement

The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the immediate availability of MorphOS 3.16. This release includes numerous important performance, stability and security improvements. A new version of Wayfarer comes included with the OS and replaces the now obsolete Odyssey Web Browser. We’ve also included the Iris email client, Magic Beacon notifications system and a Command-Tab application switcher. The Synergy Client and Server applications are now compatible with the free Barrier alternative. OpenSSL3 is now available as a shared library.

For a more extensive overview of the changes included in MorphOS 3.16, please read our release notes.

press release on MorphZone

Including all that’s mentioned above and in the announcement. MorphOS 3.16 improves Classic Amiga FPU Emulation compatibility. This means that even more than 68k AmigaOS applications will run even better in the MorphOS ecosystem which is fantastic.

Improvement to the Intuition of MorphOS

There are also other changes and improvements to the Disk handling in MorphOS 3.16. In the intuition part, the team enabled mouse movement between displays! Which is very handy when you have several displays connected.

Also, Improved permission handling for PFS3, SFS, RamFS, and FatFS. Memory issues were fixed in Sketch, Flacapella, Apdf, Jalapeno, Multiview, Transfer, and Fontpanel to name a few. These are more important improvements than you think. It makes MorphOS way more stable and that is fantastic.

MorphOS 3.16 also added iMac G5 17″ iSight compatibility.

Download Web Fonts to MorphOS 3.16

WebFontInstaller is now in the Tools folder of the MorphOS SYS (Workbench) partition. This application replaces the Odyssey Web Browser one. MorphOS 3.16 makes it much easier to use more modern types of fonts which is unique for this Nextgen Amiga compatible operating system.

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