Most of the Amiga demos are either OCS or AGA made. They come with incompatibility issues so that AGA owners can’t run OCS demos etc as the demos are hardcoded for the OCS Amiga platform. OCS stands for the original chipset which you can find in Amiga 1000, Amiga 2000, and Amiga 500.

All of the Amiga Demoscene groups try to give the best from their creative hearts for the specific Amiga platform that they code for, which is awesome. But what if there were Amiga demos that were more compatible with more than just one Amiga system? Ghostown and Rave Network Overscan did this back in 2010 with the release of this demo. It was named Metropolice, it came 2nd at Breakpoint 2010 and they made it both AGA and RTG compatible.

Metropolice by Ghostown and Rave Network Overscan is a remarkable demo production that works both on AGA Amiga with a 68060 or higher and on systems with RTG and AHI. This means that Metropolice also works on MorphOS and AmigaOS 4.x including AmigaOS 3.x. When you load this demo it detects automatically if you use a Classic Amiga without or with a graphics card. If you run it on MorphOS, then this demo uses both RTG and AHI when it runs. While on Classic it uses AGA and Paula. Brilliant!

It is great to see Amiga demoscene productions like this providing support for more than one Amiga system. Also, the demo itself is fantastic. I think that it deserved to win at Breakpoint 2010, but it landed on a very strong 2nd place in my view. The graphics and music here are a masterpiece. The Commodore 64 effect in it is also brilliant. A fantastic demo to run for having an Amiga Demoscene blast at home.