Not all games made for Amiga needs to be for us that understands a lot about our beloved Amiga computers. We also need to get kids to love the Amiga so it can be moved on.

Coque And Kieagua Rally is a game I have made for my children which are 5 and 2 years old. It is a kids’ game where you have to break balloons using the car you drive. There are no lives or shots and it was even planned that there would be no game over.

I saw this item on Aminet and thought its nice to mention a new kids game for the Amiga. Have some fun with them and inspire them. A perfect little game for children.

Coque and Kieagua Rally Requires 68030 or More

Coque & Kieagua Rally is a game that is working on any Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 or even Amiga CD32 with a 68030 accelerator with 4MB of RAM or more. The game is programmed in Blitz Basic 2.1.

The controls in this Kids type of game are very simple. You only need to have a Joystick connected to your Amiga. Then you move the joystick only as none of the buttons have any functions in these two games.

  • Right: the car will go faster
  • Left: the car will go slower
  • Up: jump

A perfect free game to Download and play

It is a simple game for kids but it is also a fun game to play. There are no costs to buying this game. It is all available for free to download on the Aminet website.

Game idea and programming: Guillermo Amat (aka Deuteros)

Music is also Free and can be Downloaded

Blast Off by GalgoX
  Allsort By Greg of amw:
  Neon Techno by Drozerix:
  Mom's hometown by RexyWood:

Graphics: Vehicles drawn using Inkscape by Deuteros. Characters, objects, and landscapes taken from real photographs and adapted with The Gimp.

So! Download and have some fun if you have an AGA machine with 4MB of RAM or more. Especially if you have kids at home. They will love to play this game. Introduce Amiga gaming for them. Its a good thing to do.

Download Coque and Kieagua Rally from Aminet here