It’s not often that Amiga demos get released outside of demoparties. However, this release from 2022 did just that.

This Batman Rises demo uses special video modes that all of OCS Amiga’s can use. So, they recommend all to use real hardware and CRT monitor for a full experience.

Watch the Batman Rises Amiga OCS Demo Here

This is Amiga’s history done at the end of 2022. It is simply One of the best Amiga 500 demos ever made. Amazing work by the amazing Batman Group! I really hope TBL responds to what you might notice when watching this demo.

Batman Rises simply blew me away! This is the Demo of the year – I enjoyed every second of it.

Incredible use of Amiga 500 (OCS) in 2022!

This is an OCS Amiga demo production that uses both technology and design to make something amazing to watch on any OCS Amiga or better.

The sound and graphics contribute a lot to the overall mood and atmosphere of the products that focus on Batman. The music is also miles ahead of anything that I’ve heard in many years.

What to say more?… The Amiga community is still able to push the OCS Amiga line limits. It means you can watch it on Amiga 1000, Amiga 2000, and Amiga 500 with enough memory. This OCS Amiga demo requires 512KB RAM + 512KB Fast RAM. Batman Group Forever! Will TBL answer? … Will they?… kra kra… kra!

Where to get the Batman Rises demo?

On you can find the Batman Rises demo. But you also need to gen an unpacker. Tested downloading with IBrowse which works. Here are some nice steps to follow:

Get a GoADF application if you have AmigaOS 3.1 or just use the ADF reading feature of AmigaOS 3.2
Get UnZip on Aminet

Enjoy watching this Demo!