Do you struggle with using Roadshow on Classic Amiga? If so, then this news is a very good one.

This Amiga News item that I found can be seen on Aminet. With it, you can ease the pain if you don’t like to use CLI/Shell as much. With this addon, you get a GUI add-on that should save the day for you if you struggle. Roadshow is a remarkable tcp/ip stack for Classic Amiga, that Commodore should have added to AmigaOS as standard.

Roadshow GUI using GadTools

When you have downloaded it and unarchived the .lha file. Then a simple double click should do it, as this GUI addon is using GadTools and have attempted to keep it self contained. Since 2019 its been in development and now its becoming a mature product to have.

The GUI requires 68020 or higher to be used for some reason. It also needs Kickstart 2.x or higher.