Life is changing for me as a Amiga user. I love that!

Since Wayfarer 1.11 things have changed for the better for me. I am using MorphOS much more today for the things that I love doing. For everything that I can use AmigaOS type of system more makes my life more and more complete. Windows and macOS are tools for me, but AmigaOS or MorphOS completes me.

Wayfarer 1.11 in action when using WordPress

Creating graphics on the Amiga is what I have been doing for a long time. I use TVPaint v3.6 for Amiga on my Amiga 500 with Vampire V500 V2+, Amiga 1200 with Warp1260 and on my MorphOS machines daily. I use it together with Pixelmator for macOS. But with Wayfarer 1.11 able to logon to WordPress. It makes life so much easier as I can upload the web graphics instantly. I also do copy files over to my Windows or macOS machine though, but with Wayfarer 1.11 things got easier.

Using TVPaint for WEB graphics

All of the web graphics work I have made for Amitopia Amiga Magazine, Distrita and other web banner work. I use TVPaint in full 24bit RTG resolutions for fast but great results. The fact that I can open a 1280×720 or 728×90 screen on the fly is great.

Here is some recent work that I’ve done this week using my PowerBook G4 1.64GHz with the latest MorphOS 3.15 installed:

Amiga File Managers Guide article Featured image was made with TVPaint as illustrated here
TVPaint v3.6 in use for this article about creating WEB graphics with Amiga

I make 1280×720 featured images in TVPaint fast. Then upload to Amitopia Amiga Magazine site. Either I continue WordPress work on my MorphOS machine or on my MacBook Pro Retina. I also use Pixelmator for macOS if I don’t have a MorphOS or AmigaOS system to use nearby. I also use on Windows. Photoshop is no longer in use because of Adobe’s policy. Pixelmator for macOS does that job great if I need Photoshop features.

If I use my Amiga 500 or Amiga 1200, I either copy files or upload using FTP. The AmigaOS systems is getting more and more mature. It takes time, but I appreciate the love for the platform. Expecting things is not wise but test and review software or even hardware for the platform gives me lots of joy.

Using AmigaOS or MorphOS as a WEB graphics tool in 2021 is fully possible. Maybe it is one of the best operating systems for that purpose. I use it with joy and not only because I am a Amiga promoting person.

Best Regards,
Michal Bergseth
editor of Amitopia Amiga Magazine